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Galvinell Meat Co., Inc. - Meadow Creek ® PR Series

The BBQ series are favorites with the chicken cooking crowd. Meadow Creek® chicken cookers are winning awards in many barbecue cookoffs and can be seen in almost any setting from backyard feasts to cooking for hundreds at fund raisers. The painted models in this series are fabricated of 13 gauge welded steel painted with heat resistant black paint in an attractive semi-gloss finish. All of the units have locking double sided pivoting grates of expanded stainless steel. These grates have handles designed to conveniently and safely turn the meat or remove it when the cooking is completed. Removable ash pans make cleanup a snap.

Meadow Creek BBQ Series - BBQ 42 model

The BBQ 42 is a wonderful place to begin when it comes to BBQ grills. With 22" x 42" grates and a capacity of 40+ lbs. (that's a whole case of chicken legs & thighs!), you really can do no wrong in any competition or backyard barbecue. At approximately 27 halves per grate and a coals to grate distance of about 18", this unit is a must have at your next party. And guess what, thermometers can be added to the BBQ 42 for better temperature regulation!

Meadow Creek BBQ, BBQ 42 C Model

Pictured above is our BBQ 42C Model, the compact version of our BBQ 42. It conveniently stores in a 56" x 28" x 6" space and still maintains the 18" coals to grate distance.

Meadow Creek BBQ, BBQ 96

At a capacity of of 120 lbs. (3 cases!) of legs & thighs and (3) sizeable 32" x 36" grates, you can fit approximately 30 halves/grate! Now THAT'S a party! With a grate to coal distance of 20", this provides a wonderful distance to cook chicken to perfection.

Meadow Creek BBQ, BBQ 144

Our NEXT TO THE LARGEST chicken BBQ pit you can find from Meadow Creek© At a capacity of SIX cases of legs & thighs (you're looking at 6 cases here my friend) over FOUR (4) grates, you can feed the masses to keep them happy while making it a breeze for you! It maintains the coals to grate distance of 20" so you can be sure you get even cooking all day and night!

Check out our other TS models by clicking the 'TS Series' menu below!

THE 8-Pit Custom Cooker

Our LARGEST chicken BBQ pit you can find from Meadow Creek© At a capacity of 500 LBS, this is barbecueing for the masses at its best in any party or contest.


Order your Meadow Creek ® from Galvinell today!


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