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Galvinell Meat Co., Inc. - Meadow Creek ® PR Series

Pig Roasters utilize an even distribution of heat swirling around the closed lid for uniform cooking, without burning the meat. Smoke fills the open cavity and under the skin as the fat is rendered down, flavoring the meat in a way unlike any other method. Whole pigs are placed on the rack, the lid is closed and not opened again until the meat is ready.

Results have shown that the ease with which our PR models consistently maintain even temperatures make them the ideal choice for those on the competition circuit.

Standard Features for the PR Series

A heavy duty grease trough and spigot make cleanup quick and easy.


All PR series cookers come equipped with a stainless steel thermometer installed in the lid to monitor the roaster temperature.


A 13 gauge drip pan carries undesirable fats to a drip tube that drains to the outside of the unit. The pan prevents charring from the coals and allows a pig to be cooked without needing to be turned.

Learn more about our cookers by clicking a link below and order a Meadow Creek® Cooker from Galvinell today!


Dan McGrath and Galvinell Featured on AGsploration: the Science of Maryland Agriculture Click the video below.

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